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Safe Storage Vital for Preserving Precious Antiques

August 9, 2022|

Safe Storage Vital for Preserving Precious Antiques In 1985, two school teachers, Jerry and Rita Alter, walked into the Arizona University Museum of Art in broad daylight and stole a 1955 painting by Willem de Kooning entitled Woman-Ochre.  The painting’s essentially [...]

The Rise in Artistic Investments — Where to Begin, and is it Worth it?

June 9, 2022|

While collecting antique works of art is often associated with older generations, more young people are wondering how to start collecting art and are beginning to invest in art today, with millennials making up nearly half (49%) of collectors around [...]

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Take the Brass Armadillo with You, Wherever You Go!

This tune is a fan-favorite and has been known to turn a head or two! Download the popular radio ringtone for the Brass Armadillo.